Private School “Beacon House PECHS Campus” Students Paid Respect to the Late England Queen

Credit: social media

Good to see Pakistanis honoring Queen Elizabeth Pakistan's oldest head of state who was Queen of Pakistan from 1952 to 56 and very fond of Pakistan.

Queen Elizabeth was a celebrity who ruled the UK for over 70 years. 

 Her association with the most famous royal family adds to that status hence it's okay if some people or institutes want to pay respect to her.

if you do not want to pay respect or have any liking for her that's fine but let others do it if they want to they are not doing anything unethical.

These are mostly kids of privileged class of country & they will be going abroad to study higher. Later on, they will come back & rule (not all but mostly).

I can confirm that even schools & colleges in the UK have not started any tribute yet. Beacon miles away first to do so.

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