Together, Barack and Michelle made history.

Credit: social media

It’s about time the portraits were completed! They are wonderful!

Barack and Michelle helped lift the American people's burden of fear with the blessing of hope.

It was such a lovely ceremony and brought hope to citizens remembering those wonderful years in America. So happy you were with them to present at the ceremony! Perfect!

Beautiful celebration! Can not wait to see them in person! Thank you First Lady and President Biden!

That’s the gift of the Obama presidency to history. And it’s a gift I felt personally. It was my honor to unveil their White House portraits today.

Thank You So Much President Joe Biden For Making Sure This Was Done! Thank You To The OBAMA Family! Congratulations!

This was done with Humble and Grace! What a beautiful touching moment!

So wonderful to see both of you back in the WH with the Bidens. We need to bring back the love, decency and respect for this Country that you represented so beautifully!

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