MSNBC and NBC are moving Chuck Todd’s “Meet the Press Daily” to a streaming-only option for viewers and changing the name to “Meet the Press Now.”

The 1 pm hour on MSNBC will now be called “MSNBC Reports” with veteran anchor Chris Jansing.

Todd closed out the final show by saying: “I want to take a moment to remind people of our mission here: to share with you what you need to know about what’s happening in Washington and in American politics, and most importantly, explaining why it happened, and why it matters to you. I’ve always been a big believer in finding new ways to reach new audiences. So we know where you are. And putting Meet the Press on NBC News NOW, five days a week, is at the forefront of where we want to be in streaming news. It was a no-brainer. We know you are here because you’re simply looking for smart, honest news and analysis. That’s all. Which has been, and always will be the driving force behind Meet the Press.”

NBC News president Noah Oppenheim said in a statement: “NBC News is the leader in streaming news. Since our launch, we’ve been committed to delivering the best of NBC News’ journalism, free, to streaming audiences everywhere.”

“Chuck was one of the first broadcast anchors to see the massive potential of streaming and bringing Meet the Press’s daily franchise to NBC News NOW reinforces the platform’s status as the destination for news on streaming,” Oppenheim added.

“His enthusiasm about growing ‘Meet the Press’ beyond the Sunday show and evolving the legacy program for the streaming audience is a prime example of our mission at News NOW: to bring viewers the best of what NBC News has to offer,” Janelle Rodriguez, senior vice president of editorial for NBC News, said in a memo to staff.

The far-left network is currently facing a slew of serious issues.

Maddow revealed that she’s going to be taking more time off and only hosting her show one day per week.

Maddow only hosting “The Rachel Maddow Show” once a week has failed to attract viewers, particularly in the critical demographic.

During a segment on her show last month, the host announced that starting in May, she will only host her show on the network once a week while she continues to work on “other projects.”

Since then, the ratings are abysmal.

Since “MSNBC Prime” debuted on May 3, it has averaged 1.2 million viewers, shedding 33% of the 1.7 million that Maddow pulled in from the beginning of the year through her first once-a-week edition.

Things are even worse among the advertiser-coveted demographic of adults age 25-54, as “MSNBC Prime” has attracted only 114,000 average nightly viewers among the critical category for a 47% decline from the 214,000 that Maddow averaged through May 2.

By comparison, Fox News’ 9 p.m. ET timeslot competition, “Hannity,” has crushed “MSNBC Prime” by 252% among the key demo since MSNBC’s new program premiered.

This week’s edition of Maddow’s now-weekly show averaged only 160,000 viewers among the key demo on May 23. The alarmingly low turnout among viewers coveted by advertisers was down 30% compared to her May 16 episode and 42% compared to the May 9 edition.


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Media critic Jeffrey McCall believes MSNBC executives are very worried about Maddow only hosting the show once a week and how the ratings have fallen off a cliff.

“Sensible viewers see more practical problems right in front of them every day in gas prices, inflation, sinking retirement accounts, baby formula shortages, and the list goes on,” McCall added.

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