A major event happening in Washington, D.C. today, as Vice President Kamala Harris was asked to render her resignation for her position. The sturdy fifty-seven year old legislator and barrister was taken by surprise in the White House’s blue room by Biden’s secretary of personnel Joe Barron.

Harris, who was chosen as a running mate in 2018 by Biden and his friend and confidant Joseph LaForm by lottery has been plugging away for more than a year, given jobs dealing with the toughest challenges for the administration with varying degrees of results.

Barron told gathered media outside of the Washington Queef Club this morning that Miss Harris had simply “run her course.”

“She did just fine in the beginning, and seemed like a perfect fit for Joe to start with. But it was sometime last April when she discovered the free booze and bloogies available that she got…sidelined. it’s a very common theme.”

He went on to describe what would happen in the future of the Biden white house and reelection campaign.

“Well, we’ve already rented her office to the reverend Al Sharpton for the time being. He’ll satisfy our black constituents. Mr. Biden is considering Pete Buttigieg and actor Alec Baldwin as replacements sometime in the next year. Who knows?”

The campaign to reelect Biden begins mid-year with a festival and rally in western Hawaii at the Obama compound and Vaccination Center. Musical guests include Taylor Swift, Rage Against the Machine, and German celebrity David Hasslehoff.


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