AOC, the leader of the left’s “woke movement,” says progre\ssives will rid the party of mainstream Democrats if Joe Biden doesn’t appoint someone “woke” to the Supreme Court.

According to sources inside the last DNC strategy and catering committee meeting, AOC came right out and said it, as plain as day:

“She stood up, did a little dance, for some reason, and made the statement. Then she pointed at everyone with that crazy look in her eye just before laughing like a horse about the whole thing.”

So…typical Alexandria Ortega-Cortisone then. We sent an email to her office, since the restraining order keeps us within 500 feet of comment, but she hasn’t responded. Our own investigators haven’t been able to confirm or deny the story, but they have fed us some pretty good information. “Dude, I work for Grub Hub,” said one anonymous source, “All I can tell you is she loves Panera Bread.”

That tells you everything you need to know, patriots. She’s wasting taxpayer dollars on overrated soups and sandwiches in small portions for more than they’re worth. She obviously shouldn’t be taken seriously. On most things.

Our second source, however, tells us that she is working on a viable candidate to beat Biden in the primaries. “I picked up someone who looks like Avril Lavigne but isn’t and delivered her to AOC’s house,” said the source, “please stop calling me.”

We’re not sure what any of this means, patriots, but we’ll be watching YouTube and the typical back-channels of misinformation truths for answers. God bless America.

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