Joe Biden wasted no time tossing names into the hat for SCOTUS. As promised, he’s looking at African-American women, and African-American women alone. The first two names on his list, according to our source, are Michelle Obama and Stacey Abrams.

The two women are well-known legal hacks, with very little education outside of their prestigious Juris Doctorates. While they may be more qualified to serve on the court than either of Trump’s last two picks, they certainly don’t qualify as great and patriotic Americans like Brett and Amy.

Our source in the White House also says that as many as 14 other African-American women have refused to accept Biden’s call, not wanting to be labeled a stereotypical Democrat. They’ve asked to remain anonymous.

We asked our source to get as close to the conversation as possible, but at this point, we’ve reached as far as we’re gonna get. Still better than Fox or Newsmax, patriots.

According to a source close to the source, no source has been able to source the information we’ve sourced. The source said we have the best sources, and that’s coming from a source who is a reliable source for many sources.

This is why conservative reporting works best, patriots. We have all the best sources, and out headlines rock.

God bless America.


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