When Don Lemon called Kyle Rittenhouse a “little Nazi,” he ruined his own career. According to a source close to America’s Last Line of Defense, Rittenhouse was not amused. And when Kyle isn’t amused, someone is getting sued.

That someone was going to be CNN, so they decided to cover their bunguses instead. They told Lemon that if he doesn’t apologize to the little Nazi post haste, that he’s out of a job.

Lead Reporter, Skip Tetheluda, told us:

“CNN is in full retreat. The Rittenhouse story has ruined them. Since only uninformed boomers watch cable news, they have little chance of winning the ratings battles. They’ll chug along, appealing to the hard left with their commentary, until the next presidential election year, when people will care about John King again.

He’s right, patriots. John King really does rock election nights. His little “mm-hmm” while Wolf uh…says…uh…the things…uh…Wolf…uh…says…uh…and then he says, “well….we wait. And we count the votes.”

Magnificent, and unfortunately, not enough for the network to sustain a ratings war with Fox, the network currently covering the Waukesha killer as though “liberals” are supporting him somehow.

Kyle will probably accept Lemon’s apology, because he’s a hero and a saint.

God bless America.

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