Country music superstar Hank Williams Jr. is fed up, and he’s not dealing with the kneeling anymore. Hank Williams Jr has decided to pull his music from the NFL for good.

His reason is if they can’t control their players and make them stand for our anthem, his all American music shouldn’t be anywhere near the NFL, no matter how much it pays

Hank has been very vocal about his conservative values and his support for the Trump administration in the past, and this is no different. He says he’s tired of the un-American behavior coming from the NFL and their players.

He says it’s too much to take from these ungrateful people who simply get paid to throw a ball. He’s going to donate this year’s one million dollar salary from the NFL directly to the Trump 2020 Campaign.

Hank fans around the country agree. They’re tired of the kneeling too. Sandy Batt, who’s a huge Hank Williams Jr. fan, totally respects his decision to take his amazing music away from the NFL.

“I mean I didn’t knowed he even had music on der, i don’t have cable, just the ole rabbit ears, but I do got all the latest 8 tracks from good ole hank, and I love our president!”

She said from her room in the Lamplighter Inn, a run down complex in nowhereville, Indiana.

This is another hit to the NFL, with millions of poor, drunk, and bitter hillbillies that have said they are boycotting football games except for Sunday’s, Monday’s and sometimes Thursday. They all support our president and refuse to watch the games, they say. Because that’s really what matters and how you show them you mean business.

Not that they ever bought any merchandise or attended games. They’ll show their disapproval by turning on the tv to something else for a few minutes until they realize football is all they have.

What will the NFL do without lackluster country music and a few people pretending they aren’t going to watch anymore?

This has many of the NFL top brass barely noticing these small minded cretins and their crappy choice in music. It looks like they’ll have to rely on the actual game, with teams playing for the chance to win the super bowl. Their pocketbooks will feel the pain.

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