Another economic stimulus package is moving through Congress. After months of obstruction from the Democratic Party, the two sides have finally seemed to come to an agreement.


Unfortunately for struggling Americans, Nancy Pelosi strolled onto the House floor just before the vote was to take place and said ‘not so fast!’

She has vowed to not allow any kind of stimulus package to pass that sends any extra money to anyone who receives Social Security Income of any kind.

This heartless act flies in the face of doing the right thing for Americans, which is par for the course for the Democrats.

Democratic Party spokesperson Sandy Batt spoke to the media about their party’s reasoning behind denying the American people any relief to save a few bucks to stop senior citizens from getting any money.

“People who receive Social Security were not impacted by the pandemic or the associated economic conditions. Their checks haven’t been reduced, stopped, or even slowed down. To put it simply, their income wasn’t affected. The goal of the stimulus is to replace some of the lost income to help people survive.

People on Social Security didn’t actually lose any money so they shouldn’t get any money.

I can’t wait to cruise the comments on all of the articles about this and see all of those people who are always complaining about socialism and people wanting a handout complain about this. We’re tracking those people too and will be sure to single them out in the next Congressional Resolution to point and laugh at each one of them.”

The Democratic Party’s sole interest is to remain in power. The people who continue to vote them into office have fully bought into the only platform that the Democrats have: obstruction.

After all, it is not like Mitch McConnell has ever done anything to stand in the way of what the American people need. The Democrats could learn a valuable lesson from him on how to effectively govern.

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