Neil Young, the outdated, overrated “rocker” who decided he was more important than freedom, has cost himself a ridiculous amount of money. Not only is he about to lose 60 percent of his streaming income over his dumb decision to leave Spotify, he’s also being sued by his new nemesis, Joe Rogan.

Rogan, who was just doing what Joe Rogan does, found himself at the center of a controversy that has him accused of “spreading misinformation.” That’s not a label he’s happy with, according to his legal team.
Josh Dewey, Of Dewey, Skrhewem, and Howe, says the decision to sue Neil Young was easy:

“The decision was easy.”

Young hasn’t responded to our requests for comment. Analysts believe he may be in shock that the big corporate tech company chose their $100 million podcast cash cow over him, and that he may be planning his own streaming service.

Several legal experts have looked into the case and found that this is a perfect example of the potatoes of the world seeking justice for some perceived crimes against them by Neil Young, who they don’t listen to or care about.

The infatuation with Joe Rogan is fairly new to the cult, but now it should catch on fairly quickly. It won’t be long before he announces how much he regrets his “leftist” roots and pledges his allegiance to Trump.

God bless America.

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