Alec Baldwin has learned that his membership in the elite liberal Screen Actor’s Guild has been terminated and his right to vote on awards shows revoked. Baldwin’s own public relations team has confirmed the rumor.

Baldwin’s troubles started when he shot and killed a woman on the set of a movie that probably would have failed and tried to call it an accident. Authorities know that Baldwin did it on purpose, but the liberals have circled the wagons and given him immunity.

Baldwin is paid nearly $4 million a year to be a marquis member of the guild, most of which comes from his fame on the show 30 Rock. For some reason.

After Baldwin left that show, he went on Saturday Night Live but has since been fired, even though he was technically just doing guest spots.

In other news, a federal judge has ruled that while the context of Baldwin’s Trump character was hilarious, the impression itself kinda sucked. The bottom lip thing was really never quite right.

Trump has vowed to sue Alec Baldwin for the horrible impression, but it would seem that he no longer has anything left, according to us.

Alec Baldwin can kiss his career, his money, his things, and his votes on things he doesn’t get votes on if we have our way, patriots. And nothing less.

God Bless America.

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