How clueless is Joe Biden, patriots? His first pick for the Supreme Court is a woman who died more than four years ago.

Biden apparently handed his top SCOTUS advisors a list, and the name on top was surprising. “I want all of these women vetted immediately,” said Biden. Our source says what happened next was something out of a bad sitcom:


The advisor looked at the list and said, “sir, she’s dead,” to which Biden replied, “I don’t care what she is, son, she’s on my list. Now do your job.”

Biden then stumbled off and called the Pentagon by mistake to order a ham sandwich.”

As this thing unfolds, one thing remains clear: Whe it comes time for Mitch McConnell to block Biden’s nomination, he’ll use the excuses “the American people don’t trust that he’s mentally sound,” and “his approval ratings are too low to nominate a justice.”

Both of things were true of the last three appointments, so there is precedent, and all McConnell has to do is the exact opposite, as usual.

This is the way, patriots. This is how the minority continues its rule over these United States. Elections won’t always matter, and we have to be ready for whatever form democracy takes once we let this rendition die to the sound of thunderous applause.

God bless America.

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