The Democrats proved they hate America once again by holding their entire convention without displaying a single American flag.


You’d think that with so much on the line for them that they’d want to show the people that they at least respect their country, but alas…it wasn’t to be.

According to our source, who used a fake ID to sneak into the convention, they used a lot of neutral colors, and there were BLM flags everywhere, but not one display of Old Glory:

“It was disgusting. Remember how it was for Trump? Remember when he came out and hugged the flag? That’s what the Democrats are missing.

“Trump may not understand what real patriotism is and he might not be qualified to run a paper route, but he showed us that he’s willing to make a fool of himself publicly if that’s what it takes to convince a few taters that he loves this country.

And he does. With all of his little, blackened heart. God bless him.”

The Democrats denied the allegations and said there were plenty of flags. According to a spokesman for Nancy Pelosi, who was too busy making a pitcher of margaritas to comment, the only speakers to appear without flags were the Obamas, who were paying their respects to their Sumerian heritage.

But the big moments, like when Joe Biden took the stage or when Kamala Harris accepted her nomination were forever scarred for the true American, since they had not one single American flag.

The question has to be: Why? Why in the world would you want a stage without flags? The RNC has reportedly spent more than $6 million of flags alone, and that includes handing one to every single delegate as they come through the door.

See how easy that was? It didn’t even cost them anything. Trump ordered the treasury to cut a check, since patriotism is free.

God Bless America.

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