The Democrats think they’re pretty slick using their constitutionally guaranteed powers of oversight to demand the President’s tax returns. What they don’t understand is that the president is immune from such things under his own constitutional powers and how he’s interpreted them. It would take the Supreme Court to tell him no, and we all know he owns them, too.


So now, the Democrats will reap what they sow. They will have their own tax returns looked at and audited by the president’s accountant…personally. They will answer for any crimes to the US Attorney General. And the committee that wants Trump’s returns? They’ll be investigated by the FBI for collusion with the Clinton campaign.


Add to the list a dozen or so RINOs, including Paul Ryan and that coward Lindsay Graham, and you have the makings of a real seat of power ready to take America straight back to the good old days of 1862, but with lights and internet.

The Democrats who are found guilty of any kind of fraud will be immediately impeached by Trump’s attorney and expelled from Congress without pay. Trump has already ordered that no votes happen in either chamber of Congress until this probe is complete and we know who on the enemy side we can and can’t trust. According to Giuliani, we shouldn’t be surprised to see some charges of treason and maybe even a few ropes tossed over the gallows at Leavenworth.

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