Tucker Carlson, one of our favorite personalities at Fox News, has set the record straight on Chris Wallace. According to Tucker, Wallace is a complete fraud.

He says Wallace never invited him on his show. Not once, and that Wallace turned down invites to appear on Tucker’s show in primetime on “more than a dozen occasions.”

Basically, Chris Wallace thought he was better than Tucker Carlson, and avoided him altogether. “He wouldn’t ride an elevator if Tucker was getting on. If Tucker got on while he was riding, Wallace would get off,” said Fox insider Art Tubolls, “It was the same with Hannity. Wallace didn’t like being around ‘the actors’ as he called them.”

Carlson had these words to say about Wallace, which had to hurt the old newsman’s pride:

“Chris Wallace was never on the side of our truth. Of Trump’s truth. He was always on the side of the liberals. Now he’s gone and signed with their flagship to prove it. He will now live life as an outcast, forever scarred with his poor decisions. I hear he’s not even getting paid.”

Not getting paid? Well that’s hilarious. Both because it’s something this audience will believe and because I was trying to think of what I should report on next.

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