The Nobel Peace Prize. It used to be a prolific award, presented to those individuals who went above and beyond the veil to infuse peace, understanding, and contentment into this old world of ours.

Now, however, it seems to have completed it’s tradition squarely in the wheelhouse of liberal guilt and fruitcakery.

On March 21st, the prize will be awarded to none other than liberal Lord and Savior Dr. Anthony Fauci. The committee in Oslo cited his strength, knowledge, and severe patience in dealing with so many complete and utter conservative numbnuts in the United States over the Covid epidemic.

Joe Konders, a member of the Nobel Selection Phalanx dove into the thinking of his peers on the subject.

“Dr. Fauci is a saint. He’s described the Covid virus very clearly, hundreds of times, to the public. He’s pushed mask wearing and appropriate distancing and by that alone, likely saved millions of lives.”

“Now we’re hearing : ‘Where’s Fauci? He’s in hiding!’ from the Fox News/Trump-ball nuzzling crowd. Are they total morons? The answer is obviously ‘Yes.’ I wouldn’t trust a single one of these shitbritches to operate a light switch.”

And yet, Dr. Fauci still saved their lives. That’s some Jesus crap, right there. Well done, Doctor. Put that Nobel straight up on the shelf with your certificates for testing eyeliner on poor wittle wabbits in the Ukraine.

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