Chris Wallace has quit working for CNN after just three weeks of taping episodes of his flop new show, “Chris Wallace Live.” According to sources close to Wallace, the aging newsman said the job wasn’t what he signed up for.

Wallace recorded fifteen episodes of the show and when they aired, few people bothered to watch. When they did tune in, the saw him arguing with their liberal heroes and still trying to be a reporter for Fox News.

The ratings reflected the failures, and Wallace used an opt-out clause in his contract. “He’s just gonna retire,” said a pal.

Wallace’s career was wrought with controversy, after he was caught telling Hillary Clinton he was never gonna give her up or let her down, he ran around and deserted her. Then he famously called President Trump an “asshole” during a commercial break in the presidential debate.

Wallace will most likely just be forgotten. It’s sad, but that’s what happens when you try to go woke.

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