Amazon shuts down US solar roofs last year due to flames.

On April 14 evening, many firemen showed up at an Amazon stockroom in Fresno, California, as thick tufts of smoke poured from the top of the 880,000-square-foot distribution center

Last Year Amazon was forced to take all its solar panels offline after the panels caused six separate fire and explosion incidents.

Amazon blames third-party installers for the problems.

Approx. 230 solar panels and other equipment at the facility, known as FAT1, were damaged by the three-alarm fire

Amazon worker wrote in one of the inward reports, All of Amazon's U.S. operations with sun based must be taken disconnected for a brief time, inside records show.

In June 2021, a warehouse fire in Perryville, Maryland, caused $500,000 in damages. A state fire marshall said the cause was accidental and included a solar panel system incident