Avocados upsetting impact

You've heard that avocados are the reason millennials are destroying the housing business, and everyone knows

The rich organic buttery fruit's health advantages. Few know that one avocado costs considerably more than the $1.50 for additional guacamole.

Avocados hurt biological systems, speed up environmental change, and feed drug cartels and group fighting. See the surprising and frightening effects of your #1 morning food.

North America and the UK don't create avocados, hence they're imported. The further a dinner is from its source, the greater the impact.

Numerous industrial parts. First, avocados' energy, water, compost, and pesticides have ecological effects.

Avocados need a ton of water, aggravating Mexico and California's droughts and heatwaves, making it tougher to cultivate the fruit, leading to more deforestation to farm it, etc.