A Couple finds $290,000 in 400-year-old coins

A Couple finds $290,000 in 400-year-old coins

Couple find $290,000 of 400-year-old coins concealed under sections of flooring of home

A couple who found a reserve of gold coins extending back over 400 years are in line for a very nearly 300 thousand dollar payday.

The crowd of 264 gold pieces was uncovered while the floor at their North Yorkshire home was being handed-off

At the point when they lifted the sections of flooring of the eighteenth century property, they were interested to find a pottery cup about the size of Coke can.

The homeowner's holders found the coins in July 2019 and as they have now been formally renounced, they can now go to sell.

This find of the north of 260 coins is additionally one of the biggest in archeological records from Britain.