Conservatives call out Biden He ‘stole the soul of America’

Equality and democracy are under assault but there's no question that the republican party today is dominated driven and intimidated by donald trump and the migrant republicans and that is a threat to this country i believe we're in a battle for the soul of this nation joe biden flanked by two united states

Marines shouted at mega republicans for 24 minutes and one of the most divisive campaign speeches and it was in recent memory.

Mentions of republicans and mega republicans yet not a single mention of immigration or our border mike well that's that's what you do you have nothing to tell the american people what you've accomplished uh you got to point the finger and and and he did he and he did it well if i was his part of his handlers and that's exactly what i would have told the president to

To the american people especially the the people living in the inner cities dealing with violence and crime every day uh jim trey mentioned the inner city you're in in iowa a farmer was he uniting you was he reaching out to you or was he indicting you no not at all i mean this was a it was an angry speech i could i can liken it most to an angry old man yelling at kids to get off his lawn i mean there there was 25 minutes to a

Half hour of my life and the life of american people that we will never get back this was a waste of time we the the speech was dr uh billed as or advertised as an address to the nation and this was a half hour of fear-mongering which the democrats are very good at uh to gin up their base in order to

Sway the american voters in the upcoming midterm elections not once did we hear anything about the promises that he made this nation some 20 months ago when they first came into power about uh addressing some of the issues

Are you running rural iowa go ahead and finish up real quick yeah here in rural iowa we're still facing some of those problems that we were facing 20 months ago absolutely it's the energy cos