Sound for Jesus. Save Your Soul' tracks down dim parody in a shamed megachurch

Adjusted from a film short into a film, "Sound for Jesus. Save Your Soul" shows the kind of the amplification cycle as premises go, feeling a little light as far as the assortment plate.

The central performances, however, make this dark satire awkwardly watchable, with Sterling K. Brown and Regina Hall as the disgraced pastor and his wife desperately plotting a comeback.

Minister Childs, are the claims valid?" Brown's Pastor Lee-Curtis Childs is asked close to the beginning, while at the same time leaving the points of interest of the embarrassment deliberately unclear for a significant part of the film.

Trinitie Childs (Regina Hall) is the "Main Lady" of Wander to Greater Paths, an Atlanta Southern Baptist megachurch show to her better half,

The film Honk for Jesus: Save Your Soul has a place with Regina Hall

By the end, she has seized it with both hands thanks to a performance that, especially in the film’s second half, is explosive, multi-layered and, unfortunately, much more purposeful than the film itself.