Why McDonald's can't stand California

California's recently proposed FAST Act targets cheap food chains in the state by recommending a higher the lowest pay permitted by law.

The bill's allies say it could subdue wage robbery and advance more secure working circumstances. Notwithstanding, the worldwide inexpensive food chain McDonald's (MCD) dislikes the proposed bill.

"Battle for Fifteen" is old information, apparently. In California, they may before long have a $22/hour the lowest pay permitted by law — essentially for cheap food representatives.

Weber hit the back of the family’s vehicle in the drive-thru line, then attacked them while shouting racial slurs, the release said.

Joe Erlinger, top of McDonald's U.S., said about the FAST Act, "It forces greater expenses on one sort of café while saving another. That is valid regardless of whether those two eateries have similar incomes and a similar number of workers."

California FAST Act and Why McDonald's Hate