Whoopi Goldber’s attorneys filed a writ in Federal Court yesterday asking the judge to declare her financially unable to pay a judgment against her. The View host owes Kyle Rittenhouse, 2nd Amendment hero and conservative superstar, $22 million and a formal apology. A false story stating that the settlement was against the show has been debunked, but the true story of Whoopi’s woes is soon to be just as viral.

The judge is likely to tell her to set up a payment plan with Rittenhouse, which means he’ll get more of her salary from “The View” than she does. She may also have to sell some property and let go of some of her precious collectible bobbleheads. Kevin Sorbo, the world’s largest collector, offered her more than $6 million last year when he learned she had a one-of-a-kind version of him as Hercules someone made in their basement. “It’s magnificent,” said Sorbo at the time, “it’s actually much better quality than the mass-produced versions.

Should Rittenhouse insist on full payment, Goldberg will likely need to sell more than 60,000 acres of the Texas ranch she bought after the financial crisis of 2008. “It’s a great investment, but it stinks,” she said at the time.

This reporter reached out to everyone involved but, as usual, got either no response or another copy of an order to cease and desist something or other. We’ll keep trying to verify this mostly unverifiable information. Until then, take our word for it and pray it’s true.


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