The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. We’ve been witnesses to Hillary Clinton deftly dodging her prison comeuppance. And more recently, we’ve seen Obama and his cronies duck and weave around the downward slide that leads to a cell in Gitmo. It’s over. Investigators have now positively identified Barack Obama, if that really IS his name, as the key figure, indisputably, in the Durham/Barr Federal Sting Dossier.

What does this mean? It’s simple, really. Let’s let Sandy Batt, chairwoman of the Homeland Security Dilithium Computing Department explain.
“What investigators found is that former President Obama was definitely aware that he was in direct violation of the Lee/Lifeson/Peart Act when he ordered his assistant chief of insular security, Peter Wiggin, to form a hegemony directly around President Trump during the 2015 election. The evidence was discovered one day ago in files encrypted with Pascal/Java coding readable only by a TRS-80 system, the only one of which, is registered under the codename ‘Shaft One’ – The FBI’s fiduciary department’s designation for Obama. It’s finished and done. There’s absolutely no way out of this. 100%.”

The series of now released files is in the possession of Attorney General Bill Barr, who is expected to bring the full weight of the United States Court of Injunctionary Habeus against Obama, holding a Heisenburg Guilt Hearing as early as this July. With the discovery of this damning dossier, and the preponderance of legally seminole evidence it brings with it, it sure does look like we’re finally going to see the concarcerarion we’ve all been waiting for with baited teabags.


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